Saturday, May 5, 2007

Phantom 2040

Although it is a comic blog, I am posting this game as i am both a crazy game player and a game developer (that too crazy). I found this game somewhere on the net. It is a 2D fighting game like Mario and Contra (you must've played games like these when you were kid)

I am sure this game is pretty famous amongst phantom lovers, but I am still providing a link anyway for those who doesn't know about it.

Download Phantom 2040 (1.89 MB)

Although this game is not developed by me, I have made a convenient installer for this game with all shortcuts which directly loads game (otherwise you would have had to load the game manually in the emulator) and uninstaller (i always believe that each software must have its own uninstaller, which is now a days very uncommon for small tools). This package also includes a good Guide by Dougy (just in case you get lost).

For those who want a quickstart:

Alt+Enter = FullScreen Mode ON/OFF
Enter = Skip dialogs/Select etc.
Arrow keys = Move/Aim
Tap Arrow Key 2 times = Run
D = Jump
A = Gun by default (Traditionally known as Control A)
S = Rope by default (Traditionally known as Control B)

If you want to change Attack style (Control A & B)

1) Press Enter - It will open a menu
2) Select any option (like punch, energy blast, medkit, etc.) and press A to assign it to A key
again select anything and press S to assign it to S key
3) Press Enter again

Now you have other tools instead of default Gun & Rope
You can use any combination like Gun & Punch, Gun & Medkit etc.

How To Use Rope?
Jump and then use it near wall to climb like indiana jones or spiderman



Comic World said...

Nice game Kit..i have downloaded it and will be going through it soon..keep it up buddy

Kit Walker said...

thanks cw