Tuesday, May 15, 2007

E003 - The Jungle Patrol (Apr 1966)

We all love the stories based on Jungle Patrol, but this one is about how the Jungle Patrol got started in the first place. It's the Love-Story of Phantom the 6th and Queen Natala. It's the story of the deadly pirate Redbeard and his gang. It's the story of the unknown commander of the Jungle Patrol.

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atma said...

#kit; u post double-comic ina single day???? Thnx a L-O-T mann!!!!...isnt this comics frm Diamond Digest of Phantom( format indicates that)?...bye mate

Kit Walker said...

oh yes! it's from diamond comics. it was actually published by indrajal in April 1966. diamond comics just republished it when they got the copyright.

Comic Guy said...

Kit what is your gmail id...you know someone is in touch with me in your name from quite a long time..he uses the id 007kit@gmail.com ...is tht not your id???Its he who told tht on 27th was kits marriage...pls clarify

Kit Walker said...

My gmail id is kit.walking@gmail.com

any other Kit Walker who says he's me is a fake.