Sunday, October 28, 2007

ComicGen - Comic Generator

Collecting strips takes a lot of patience. But reading them takes even more, because strips are very small in size. In my 1st 2 posts I actually took pain in copy pasting all strips in a standard layout and then enlarging it, so that it can be read clearly without zooming in and without scrolling through 100 small pages.

But now I have an alternative called "ComicGen". This small utility will let you generate customizable comic pages from small strips. I have used this utility to generate the previous comic (E008). Please try it and let me know how it is. Especially those having collection of small strips may find it useful.

Download ComicGen

Source Strips (Total 4 strips):
Image 1:Image 2:
Image 3:Image 4:

Output Page:

Page Consisting of 4 Strips (Enlarged by 150%):

Note: You can also Shrink large strips or collection of images (For example shrinking a photo collection so that you can send small sized photos via email),
You can set the enlargement factor and no. of strip per page, gap between each strip etc..

[Note that this utility requires .NET framework to be installed on your PC.
Most of all new PCs come pre-installed with it.
Even if you don't have it, do not worry. the setup will ask you to automatically download it from the Microsoft website.]

E008 - Phantom Strips #D220 (30 Apr 07 to 25 Aug 07)

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

E007 - Short Comics Collection

Welcome to Kit's Sunday Special Comics Show! ;-)

Henry (DumDum), Little King, Miscellaneous One-Page Comics & GoldSpot Ad

While reading Phantom comics, a small kid causing havoc became one of my favorite characters. His name was Henry. I have compiled a collection of Henry strips. Although it was compiled from Gujarati Indrajal, there won't be any problem because these comics are visual only. Hardly 2 or 3 pages amongst them will have any text and all pages are independent of each other. I would say this is a *must read* (and a mast mast read, too) for Indrajal lovers.

And.. don't forget to check out the GoldSpot Ad! You'll love it ;-)

Read The Comics Online

Download The Comics
1) Henry (a.k.a DumDum)
2) Little King
3) Miscellaneous Short Comics Collection


Hello my dear friends!

How are you all! You must be thinking why your comments take so much time before being posted and why I am not posting comics at regular frequency. Well, in the past few weeks I had described the reason as "Changes in my professional life" which actually meant that I was trying to change my employer/company. Everything is well set and finally I've got a chance to work for a very reputed software company...

As you might be knowing that software companies restrict/ban all the blogs, mails, chat-server etc. so that their employees don't get distracted ;-) but I will always be with you on Sundays, just like this one.

I am very much thankful to all of the visitors who have always kept patience for my low frequency of posting, and all my colleague blog authors who have always been very encouraging and supporting.

OK, now I am being senti... Lets get back in mood.

in fact.. now this comic show has become...


Milte hain after a short break...

Your friendly neighbourhood ghost next door.. (er.. next blog i mean)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

E006 - Dara - The Enemy Agent

NEWS: The Comics Blogger Community is getting bigger. Check out : Indrajal Comics Club and Anupam Agrawal's Blog

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E005 - Mandrake - The Horse Thief

Sorry friends I was gone for a long time, so this time I am bumping my blog with 3 more comics, 2 English and one Gujarati. This time let's try something new: Mandrake & Dara. How does it sound folks?

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

E003 - The Jungle Patrol (Apr 1966)

We all love the stories based on Jungle Patrol, but this one is about how the Jungle Patrol got started in the first place. It's the Love-Story of Phantom the 6th and Queen Natala. It's the story of the deadly pirate Redbeard and his gang. It's the story of the unknown commander of the Jungle Patrol.

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Phantom 2040

Although it is a comic blog, I am posting this game as i am both a crazy game player and a game developer (that too crazy). I found this game somewhere on the net. It is a 2D fighting game like Mario and Contra (you must've played games like these when you were kid)

I am sure this game is pretty famous amongst phantom lovers, but I am still providing a link anyway for those who doesn't know about it.

Download Phantom 2040 (1.89 MB)

Although this game is not developed by me, I have made a convenient installer for this game with all shortcuts which directly loads game (otherwise you would have had to load the game manually in the emulator) and uninstaller (i always believe that each software must have its own uninstaller, which is now a days very uncommon for small tools). This package also includes a good Guide by Dougy (just in case you get lost).

For those who want a quickstart:

Alt+Enter = FullScreen Mode ON/OFF
Enter = Skip dialogs/Select etc.
Arrow keys = Move/Aim
Tap Arrow Key 2 times = Run
D = Jump
A = Gun by default (Traditionally known as Control A)
S = Rope by default (Traditionally known as Control B)

If you want to change Attack style (Control A & B)

1) Press Enter - It will open a menu
2) Select any option (like punch, energy blast, medkit, etc.) and press A to assign it to A key
again select anything and press S to assign it to S key
3) Press Enter again

Now you have other tools instead of default Gun & Rope
You can use any combination like Gun & Punch, Gun & Medkit etc.

How To Use Rope?
Jump and then use it near wall to climb like indiana jones or spiderman


Sunday, April 29, 2007

E002 - Phantom Sunday Strips #165 (1 Oct 2006 - 25 March 2007)

The Story of Wambesi Land

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E001 - Phantom Daily Strips #219 (1st Jan 2007 - 28 Apr 2007)

The Story of MOZZ

Read The Comic Online

Download The Comic

Note: I am starting a new trend of giving Read Comic Online link to the comic album instead of posting thumbnail of each page here and using MediaFire to host Zip comics instead of RapidShare. Because it is more comfortable to upload comics as albums and it is more comfotable to download from MediaFire without any time limitations unlike RapidShare where you have to wait if you don't have a paid account. Hope everybody likes it!