Sunday, April 29, 2007

E002 - Phantom Sunday Strips #165 (1 Oct 2006 - 25 March 2007)

The Story of Wambesi Land

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dara said...

#KIT WALKER:nice effort dude,i've one u've phantom strips frm '91(i.e. after INDRAJAL quits)to '99?.....the current phantom/mandrake strips r good but not created by LEE FALK(as he passed in '99)but the fellow writers of king features....'tis just a reqst...bye mate.

Comic World said...

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Col. Worobu said...

Smashing good stuff mate! Welcome to the Phantom scanning world!

Kit Walker said...

thank you comic world! and thanks for the announcement on your blog.

thank you dara! sorry bout your request because i dont think i have those strips you mentioned. but i'll see if i can find out.

col. worobu! thanks man!

and i am really very sorry! how can i be so silly? i forgot that i had moderation on and forgot to accept comments :D
normally i wouldn't keep it on but i've seen some disturbance going on so better be cautious, what do you say?