Sunday, July 1, 2007

E007 - Short Comics Collection

Welcome to Kit's Sunday Special Comics Show! ;-)

Henry (DumDum), Little King, Miscellaneous One-Page Comics & GoldSpot Ad

While reading Phantom comics, a small kid causing havoc became one of my favorite characters. His name was Henry. I have compiled a collection of Henry strips. Although it was compiled from Gujarati Indrajal, there won't be any problem because these comics are visual only. Hardly 2 or 3 pages amongst them will have any text and all pages are independent of each other. I would say this is a *must read* (and a mast mast read, too) for Indrajal lovers.

And.. don't forget to check out the GoldSpot Ad! You'll love it ;-)

Read The Comics Online

Download The Comics
1) Henry (a.k.a DumDum)
2) Little King
3) Miscellaneous Short Comics Collection


Colonel Worobu said...

The gold spot ads are cool indeed ;) -- typical of the 60's culture in India. You should watch some of the old Zeenat Aman & Mumtaz movies from the 60s. They are mostly like this.

Comic Guy said...

Nice choice to post pal..keep going..but be regular

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Excellent posts of mini-comics. Liked it.
BTW I am first here.
I have linked your blog in my Mandrake's blog

Colonel Worobu said...

Hey Kittu! Where are you these days buddy? :)