Sunday, October 28, 2007

ComicGen - Comic Generator

Collecting strips takes a lot of patience. But reading them takes even more, because strips are very small in size. In my 1st 2 posts I actually took pain in copy pasting all strips in a standard layout and then enlarging it, so that it can be read clearly without zooming in and without scrolling through 100 small pages.

But now I have an alternative called "ComicGen". This small utility will let you generate customizable comic pages from small strips. I have used this utility to generate the previous comic (E008). Please try it and let me know how it is. Especially those having collection of small strips may find it useful.

Download ComicGen

Source Strips (Total 4 strips):
Image 1:Image 2:
Image 3:Image 4:

Output Page:

Page Consisting of 4 Strips (Enlarged by 150%):

Note: You can also Shrink large strips or collection of images (For example shrinking a photo collection so that you can send small sized photos via email),
You can set the enlargement factor and no. of strip per page, gap between each strip etc..

[Note that this utility requires .NET framework to be installed on your PC.
Most of all new PCs come pre-installed with it.
Even if you don't have it, do not worry. the setup will ask you to automatically download it from the Microsoft website.]


Unknown said...

Hi,i have dealt with the password problem.
Welcome back,Kit.Where were u?
Is everything fine?

TPH said...

Kit: The enlargement is not without its side effects. the pictures are a little less sharp on 150% increased size. i wud rather like to read them in original size. as for joining the strips automatically, its great. i assume utility is more suitable for larger sized strips.

TPH said...

I am also not very sure of .net framework. it makes my P-3 slow. Besides the new version asks for windows authentication ;-)

Kit Walker said...

thx chandan i m fine. how are you?

TPH: yes u r right about the enlargement. Because it takes GIF/BMP/JPG as input strtches them and outputs a JPG. But that is the default setting. You can tweak it using advanced options where you can set scale 1.
In the next release I would give option whether to output BitMap or JPEG and also save preferences about enlargement.

Don't be afrand of .NET ;-) Actually majority of future applications will be either .NET or JAVA and for that you have to install .NET framework & JavaRuntimeEnvironment.
It is just a RunTime Envoronment, won't slowdown your PC.(You dont have to install full blown SDK or Visual Studio)

You can download it freely without validation from the below link:

Kit Walker said...

sorry bad link,
try this one